Merchandising is an integral part of the sourcing cycle. Our merchandising team is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our merchandising department consists of highly qualified team of merchandisers whose prime aim is to provide full satisfaction to our customers starting from the fabric procurement stage to shipment and reporting the status to the buyer regularly.

Decades of Experience

We have more than 5 decades of experience in garment merchandising & manufacturing globally.


Our merchandising team works hand in hand with our customers to keep the entire production communication transparent and timely for the customer. Faster decision making and problem solving makes stronger business relationships and we ensure this at every step.

The Services Our Merchandising Team Provides to Our Clients are:

Systematic follow-up on each stage of production and execution of order on time.


Monitoring new trends in fashion and design.


Locating new reliable sources to meet the requirements for our customers with regard to fashion and design.


Liaison between the customer and supplier and follow-up.


Transparent and open communication during production.


Same day communication guaranteed.


Introducing new products to buyers to enable them to expand their business. Guiding the supplier in preparation of the products to meet the customer's requirements with regard to fashion, design, quality and price.

Customer Satisfaction

Educate the customer about the characteristics of various fabrics, dyes, printing process and production steps. Listening to the customer requirements and keeping execution of order as per the required agreement.

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