Embroidery & Printing

Embroidery and Printing


For a professional appearance, finest quality and the highest perceived value- Embroidery is the number one choice in garment
decorating. Embroidery on the apparels can include text and graphics. Customers can specify their text, name, company name, web
address, picture or company logo. In addition, the company logo can be embroidered in any location at pocket, chest, sleeve or back as
per requirement.


Computerized Embroidery

AMCO has capabilities of producing intricate embroidered designs in a full range of sizes from one inch logo embroidered at pocket to full chest or back side of the apparel. Our logo design center can embroider apparel with any company logo or design at the highest standard for quality and at competitive prices.


Some items need the added detail and color that even the highest stitch count embroidery just can't provide. Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes.

Your Identity

Screen printing can be used to print on a wide variety of substrates, including fabrics & garments etc. Our advanced screen-printing process accurately replicates any logo with sharp details and brilliant color for a picture-perfect reproduction. We have a high-end screen printing facility. Everything we do is custom, so if you have an idea or logo that you'd like to put onto a printable garment this is where it all stars.

Digital Heat Transfer

We know the importance of a strong corporate image and company logo in defining branding strategy.

The only requirement we have for creating chosen embroidered apparel is your logo in color.

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