• GGT Digitizing
    we trace the base pattern on our digitizing board for use in the Gerber accumark CAD system. Therefore patterns are immediately available for modifications.
  • Grading
    Grading is the process where patterns of different sizes are produced from the base pattern. We use Gerber accumark (trademark) grading software to grade all our patterns accourding to size charts given by the customer or according to international standards.
  • Marker Making
    we use Gerber Accumark(trademark) Marker Making Software which generates markers with required production quantities, fabric width, colors and sizes. Marker efficiency is a very important part of garments manufacturing as it helps to maximize fabric consumption thus minimizing wastage and loss of fabric.

Quality Assurance.
by AMCO Apaprel MFG. CO

  • Fabric Inspection
    we usually follow AQL Level 4.0 inspection method, but on special case we follow AQL Level 2.5. Our quality control and inspection procedure includes the following functions:
  • Rubber Fasting, Thread Counting, Gauge Monitoring, Fabric Weighting, Color Bleeding.
  • Fabric Testing
    Our dedicated quality assurance department conducts a 4-point fabric quality standard at source as well as random inspection in house upon fabric arrival.
  • Accessories Testing
    Before starting the production accessories are checked according to the requirement of customer. If accessories are according to the requirement then we forward to production department.
  • Reports
    Thus, to ensure quality of the highest standard, we inspect at every stage of the production process. Our quality assuurance team consists of Textile technologist & other experiences personnel within the field who follow a zero defect policy in terms of Quality Standard.


  • Embroidery
    AMCO has capabilities of producing intricate embroidered designs in a full range of sizes from one inch logo embroidered at pocket to full chest or back side of the apparel.Our logo design center can embroider apparel with any company logo or design at the highest standard for quality and at competitive prices.
  • Printing
    We specialize in 4 or more colors printing with high-end graphics. The state-of-the-art printing facility is about producing a tightly registered high quality results. In addition, we have the facilities of heat transfers and other printing related servies.